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Little Red Rocket Ship

A bullet hell robot-shooting adventure in space! · By Random


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Version 2.2.3 Released
This (hopefully) final patch for Chapter 2 fixes some pretty debilitating bugs: / the Granfalloon should not crash the game anymore / the inventory no longer cr...
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ver 2.2.2 Released
This update has a small bugfix or two for some issues accidentally introduced in past updates: / Swarmlings are normal again / Derecho turrets shouldn't have ri...
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ver 2.2.1 Released
This update contains some bugfixes, optimizations, and setup for future content. In addition, all players that have bought the game on should now have r...
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Chapter 2.5 Update
Full(ish) Changelog: Additions: + Added Solarus: Colony, a level that takes place on the planet Solarus and inside its cavernous mines. What secrets could be lu...
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Version 2.1.2 Released
LRRS Version 2.1.2 has been released to Itch, bringing it up to speed with the Steam version of the game (keys are coming soon!). This build contains the new ac...
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Chapter 2 Update!
Hoowee, this one was a long one in the making, and I can't even begin to explain all the little changes made. Maybe later...
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1.0.3 - Unstable Version and QoL Features
I have begun the process of transitioning LRRS to the newest version of GMS2. Things may be bumpy along the way, so please bear with me. Also made it so aster...
1 file - Changed Update Format and Fixed a Bug
I changed the version naming format because it didn't make sense. I also fixed a bug...
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Post your feedback here! (This is where the in-game feedback button will take you once it is added in Chapter 2)
started by Random Dec 29, 2020
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