ver 2.2.1 Released

This update contains some bugfixes, optimizations, and setup for future content.

In addition, all players that have bought the game on should now have received Steam keys for the game.


/ The music in Solarus: Mines resumes playback instead of restarting from the beginning upon restoring the generators

/ Breaking crystal blocks with the charged dive should be more consistent

/ Bullets and textures in general have been optimized, especially split bullets

Balancing Tweaks:

/ The amount of weapon levels given by orbs has been doubled from 0.01 to 0.02; this means that your weapons should level up faster and with more consistency.

/ Plasma Bomb's damage has been halved; this was from an oversight in updated invulnerability frame calculation that let the explosion hit twice instead of once.

/ The bullets released by a dash/charge have likewise been nerfed in that they have been given iframes themselves; previously, this would have allowed players to one-shot bosses in certain circumstances.  I may revisit this change to make multi-bullet charging more practical again.

/ A number of changes to the Swarm Mother boss fight:

    / The boss's movement is much less erratic and more aggressive, which should help in predicting its movements

    / HP changed from 50 + [difficulty]x20 to 70 + [difficulty]x10

    / The "go through the corner of the arena which you can't even see half the time in the first phase" attack has been replaced with an attack the boss descends from the ceiling.  Where the boss will emerge can be determined by observing dirt particles falling from the ceiling.

    / Upon defeat, metals are now dropped near one of the islands instead of from the boss itself


/ The cartridge description text should now stay bounded on the left side of the screen

/ HUD weapon card displays for ships with locked weapons (currently only Shooter) will now update instantaneously instead of after the fade

/ Screen shake of larger intensity is no longer interrupted by that of lesser intensity; their duration should also not be overridden

/ "Missile fix"... whatever that means.  I honestly forgot.  Sorry about that.

/ The colorblind overlay may or may not have worked after last update, but now it is guaranteed to work


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Mar 07, 2022

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