Chapter 2.5 Update

Full(ish) Changelog:


+ Added Solarus: Colony, a level that takes place on the planet Solarus and inside its cavernous mines.  What secrets could be lurking down there?

+ Added a new quest to do to get metals

+ Added an inventory that lets you keep track of your metals, items, and drink

+ Added a new tier of Endless mode to go with Solarus: Colony

+ Added bounties, special quests you can opt in/out that let you fight tougher bosses than usual for large rewards

+ Added a new wing onto the HQ to explore; there isn't much there for now, though

+ Added new ships: Star Raider, The Dragoon, and Wing

+ Added new ship and bullet colors

+ Added a new cartridge

+ Added new achievements

+ The title screen now displays information for basic menu controls

    + The difficulty screen also gives short descriptions for each difficulty

    + The accessibility settings also give descriptions and show previews when applicable

+ Gave most enemy bullets a glowup; you can tweak exactly how you want it to look in accessibility settings

+ Added a menu that lets you change the difficulty even after you've started a game

    + Also added difficulty modifiers that let you tweak things about the game.  For now, there's player damage and enemy damage.  Ever wanted to deal double damage to enemies? Or maybe half? Or maybe you want enemies to kill you in one hit? All of that's possible with these.

+ The ship menu now indicates which one is currently selected


/ Flash effects on hit have been greatly improved for most enemies

/ Level packs have been reworked to be more intuitive to use; they are now self-contained folders (will post an example soon)

/ A number of bugfixes:

    / Gib effects on the ground no longer lengthen a dash

        / They also do not receive status effects

    / White Stingers no longer turn purple and start dancing after attacking

    / Chaos Scuttler AI now targets the player properly instead of from one side

    / Leveling up with orbs now gives a mini-toast like leveling up with a box does

    / Metals and orbs now have appropriately-colored trails

    / Boss health bars no longer glitch into the abyss for a split second once a boss is defeated

    / other things I forgot to mention

/ Bullet colors have been ever so slightly tweaked maybe

/ Save files have been overhauled; you probably won't notice this, but it's something probably worth mentioning

/ In the process of tweaking the volumes of various audio files

/ Miscellaneous optimizations and tweaks

Balancing Tweaks:

/ Nerfed Homing Missile (it was crazy busted before lol):

    / Level 0 is unchanged

    / Level 1 now shoots two missiles in a burst

    / Level 2 now shoots four missiles in a burst

    / Level 3 is a bit slower

/ The plasma bombs used by the Rival boss now deal the same damage as beams (varies by difficulty)


- Cleaned up some unused files (don't worry, it was pretty much boring stuff)


LRRS220Itch.exe 177 MB
Feb 14, 2022

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