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Did You Watch Unus Annus, By chance? Momento Mori Is usually a phrase assosiated with them. But i understand if it is just supposed to mean Remember death in latin. Don't try looking it up if you haven't, It's Been Deleted.


first level is bugged for me, im on windows, I'm pressing wasd im pressing arrow keys, im pressing z space and up arrow, nothing is happening. while I'm in full screen I don't think that's the problem because it still doesn't work when I decide to leave full screen.

That happens sometimes with browser games for some reason.  Refreshing usually fixes it.  

that was fast, ok thanks.

after I reloaded it didn't change.

try not going fullscreen

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idk if this has something to do with it, guess im downloading the game.

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Although the game is just another corpses stay after you die game, the idea with the lasers is very creative, I also like the polish touches with some of the spikes shining and the flags waving.
I played until I got softlocked at the level “laser treatment” and decided to go do something else.